Mobiclicks launches ad software to red-flag unsavoury videos

Mobiclicks launches ad software to red-flag unsavoury videos

Mobiclicks has announced that it is now able to offer local brands access to Mirrors Safe from Indian ad software giant, SilverPush. The brand-suitability platform uses AI to scan videos on digital advertising mediums to ensure that they are safe to link contextual ads to and are free from red-flags, such as violence and adult content.

“Unsavoury content that may damage brands by association is creeping into digital advertising campaigns,” says Shaun Rosen, Mobiclicks founder and CEO. “Our technology partners have found that 8% to 9% of videos posted on well-known publisher websites, for example, contain questionable material.”

According to Mobiclicks, prior to the launch of Mirrors Safe, scanning the keywords that described videos posted online was the only way to determine whether they were brand safe.

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SA firm in Kenya launches its first AI-only campaign for Nokia

SA firm in Kenya launches its first AI-only campaign for Nokia

Mobiclicks and WPP-Scangroup have launched their advertising campaign that is built entirely on Artificial Intelligence. This has resulted in the first Kenyan AI-only campaign.

Using the Mirrors AI platform, the newly-launched Nokia 2.3 handset was front and centre on YouTube; the technology seamlessly detected relevant objects, emotions, activities and logos in videos and used them as triggers to serve highly-contextual ads on the platform without any human input whatsoever,” says Allen Kambuni from Mobiclicks Kenya.

Kambuni is East Africa regional lead for the pan-African adtech firm and a recent recipient of the Innovator Technology Award at the 21st Century Icon Awards. WPP-Scangroup is a subsidiary of WPP, listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, and is the largest marketing and communication group operating a multi-agency model in sub-Saharan Africa.

August 2019 saw the launch of the first Mobiclicks representation outside of the South African cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. “At launch, we set out to do things that had never been done before in digital advertising,” says Kambuni.

“This latest campaign with a true global leader in innovation was an opportunity to cut through the clutter with AI that works. The client was thrilled and this campaign proved that brands would be well-served to move their TV spend to YouTube,” he adds.

Some of the moments targeted by Mobiclicks’ AI to help showcase the new Nokia handset’s attributes included moments in videos like first dates, eating out, safaris and a new baby. The appearance of these moments on YouTube videos then triggered the advertising tagline ‘Never Miss a Shot’.

“The results were staggering; our Nokia campaign posted a 46.4% view-through rate on Nokia’s video ads against the YouTube benchmark of 15%,” Kambuni says.

According to Wairimu Nduhiu, digital media director of WPP Scangroup, “This campaign far exceeded our expectations. By connecting with consumers based on their passion points, we were able to strike a meaningful chord with them, while immersing them in the world of the Nokia 2.3.”

“We firmly believe that successful digital marketing campaigns must achieve balance between soul and science and that is what we were able to achieve with this campaign,” adds Nduhiu.

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Mobiclicks joins ad community in Parktown Quarter

Mobiclicks joins ad community in Parktown Quarter

Mobile advertising agency Mobiclicks has joined the growing marketing, advertising and design community located at Johannesburg’s Parktown Quarter. From just two employees at commercial launch, Mobiclicks now has a staff complement of 16 at Parktown Quarter, two at Blairgowrie Plaza and three in Cape Town.

Situated at the corner of 3rd and 7th Avenue in Parktown North, Parktown Quarter aims to be a hub for small to medium-sized creative agencies who appreciate the central location and choice of eateries, perfect for entertaining clients.

“From a start-up offering purely click-based mobile ad solutions, we’re now a digital platform partner representing leading global ad tech and media solutions exclusively in Africa,” says Mobiclicks founder, Shaun Rosen.

He adds, “This focus on long-term brand building over short-term campaign execution meant Mobiclicks also needed to pay attention to its own brand. What better way to make a public statement that we’ve approached the next phase in our own company lifecycle than with the highly-visible Parktown Quarter?”

The new address enables the specialist mobile marketing firm to interact more often with clients at the location where creativity, execution and implementation take place.

Mobiclicks was formerly located at the Blairgowrie Plaza, where the firm’s accounts department still has a presence. The company also maintains a small Cape Town office.

Mobiclicks is the exclusive South African partner for Unilever-funded Blis while Vodacom Mobile Advertising is a key and long-term partner.

Blis is a leading ‘martech’ (marketing and technology) pioneer with a platform that aims to help agencies and brands use location data to better understand consumer behaviour. The location platform enables Mobiclicks to execute mobile campaigns that measure eventual footfall into stores.

Delhi-based SilverPush is another partner of Mobiclicks and has an AI-based platform that syncs traditional television and radio campaigns with social media advertising, as well as ‘trigger moments’ such as finance, weather, sport and other instances.

Mobiclicks has product suites consisting of platforms that aim to empower clients to understand their customers and reach them effectively, providing businesses with data and in-depth behavioural insights to serve digital content to audiences that are ‘on the go’.

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Location Sciences gives Mobiclicks the thumbs up

Location Sciences gives Mobiclicks the thumbs up

Blis, the global leader in real-world intelligence, has today announced that it is the first global location intelligence company to embrace independent verification of data quality from independent location data verification and analytics company, Location Sciences.

Blis and Location Sciences are coming together as two independent companies with a common goal for more transparency and data integrity in the advertising industry. At a time when clients are looking for more accountability from their technology partners and increased transparency for their digital activity, this alliance paves the way for substantial improvements in data accuracy. Clients are demanding third-party verification and Location Sciences’ Verify product can now provide that independent layer of validation and assurance for Blis’ global client base.

Greg Isbister, CEO of Blis, commented: “Transparency and data accuracy are at the core of our business, underpinning everything we do. Our proprietary technology, Smart Pin, filters out over 80% of the data received because it doesn’t meet our quality and accuracy standards. Our clients turn to us for high-quality data to better understand their customers and drive engagement and sales. Being independently recognised by Location Sciences, both for location data and signal quality accuracy, adds a valuable layer of impartial authentication for our customers. We’re proud to be the first in our industry to offer independently verified data on a global scale.”

Across digital, clients are looking for greater transparency to ensure they deliver the most impactful and effective campaigns, especially in programmatic where there is a vast difference in quality levels. Clients are now accustomed to viewability and brand safety metrics, and the accuracy of location data is another key metric that needs tracking.

Mark Slade, CEO of Location Sciences, said: “Together with Blis, we are taking the lead globally in terms of bringing transparency to location data. In a market where suppliers can all claim to be experts in location, it’s our experience that the best are the first to embrace independent verification. The adoption of Verify is testament to the quality of Blis’ platform and the data achieved near perfect scores (99%) in our tests – once again showing that quality and accuracy in this sector can be achieved. Blis’ confidence in its data further demonstrates the open and honest approach it takes with its customers.”

About Blis

Blis is the global leader in real-world intelligence. We specialise in understanding real, human behaviour by analysing vast quantities of mobile location data. This gives businesses a uniquely powerful tool: the truth about what people actually do, to improve consumer engagement and deliver measurable sales uplift.

Our Smart Platform provides unmatched transparency, accuracy and scale through three proprietary technologies: SmartPin, Smart Scale and Smart Places. This enables more effective planning, activation and measurement for marketers and business decision makers alike, fuelling the next generation of insight-driven marketing.

With 33 offices across five continents, Blis works with the world’s largest and most customer-driven companies across all verticals including Unilever, Samsung, McDonald’s, HSBC, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot, as well as every major media agency to reach over a billion mobile devices a year. To learn more, visit

About Location Sciences Group PLC:

Location Sciences is the pre-eminent global location verification provider to the $106 billion digital advertising industry. Working in partnership with brands, media agencies and suppliers to reduce ad-wastage and improve the effectiveness of location-based advertising campaigns.

The digital advertising market place remains unregulated and un-monitored, with an estimated $19 billion wasted on ad-fraud in 2018. Location Sciences has developed Verify, the world’s first independent location verification product. Utilising sophisticated machine learning and pattern recognition technologies Verify detects location ad-fraud and shines a light on location data inaccuracy with the aim of bringing back integrity, transparency and trust to the marketplace.

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New video shopping technology aims to offer mobile growth in SA

New video shopping technology aims to offer mobile growth in SA

Mobiclicks has partnered with United Kingdom-based Smartzer to launch video tagging software. The technology will allow South African smartphone users to directly buy items displayed in videos they watch on their smartphone screens.

According to Mobiclicks, the latest figures show that consumer spending in South Africa declined from 1.95 billion to 1.94 billion in the first quarter of 2019. This small but significant reversal of a historically upward trend is especially bad news for a purchasing-led economy like ours, says the company.

“Last year, South African consumers bought more than they have ever bought, and this consumption of primarily locally-made goods and services helped plug certain GDP holes,” says Shaun Rosen, CEO of Johannesburg-based mobile advertising firm, Mobiclicks.

“While also making provision for savings, South Africans need to keep spending to keep the economy ticking over. With the country’s smartphone penetration rate now over 80%, according to ICASA, it’s great news [that] Mobiclicks has launched technology to make videos shoppable,” Rosen adds.

Rosen says that Mobiclicks recently signed an agreement with UK-based Smartzer that will enable South Africa’s 20 to 22 million smartphone users to click on videos playing on their mobile handsets, and instantly be able to buy the items displayed on-screen.

The agreement with Smartzer strives to deliver a shot in the arm for the South African economy in the form of millions of purchase-ready mobile users.

“South African brands now have access to interactive video tagging software and all the commercial opportunities that it brings. Millennials now spend more time looking at videos on their mobile screens than they spend looking at traditional television screens,” says Rosen.

“It’s clear that there are tremendous opportunities in video for the mobile marketer and we’re pleased to be able to help brands monetise a growing trend,” concludes Rosen.

Mobiclicks specialises in mobile advertising technology, with product suites consisting of platforms that aim to empower clients to understand their customers and reach them effectively.

The company’s goal is to provide businesses with accurate data and in-depth behavioural insights to serve digital content to audiences that are on the go.

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Mobiclicks opens its doors in East Africa

South African Mobiclicks takes first step into East Africa

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Mobile advertising agency, Mobiclicks has announced that the company has successfully launched its first branch outside of South Africa. The new office is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Allen Kambuni has been appointed as the Mobiclicks Regional Lead for East Africa.

According to Shaun Rosen, CEO of  Mobiclicks, East Africa’s affordable Internet and impressive economic growth make investing in the region’s booming mobile sector a no-brainer.

Rosen says, “These are exciting times. When a South African mobile marketing leader believes the next step after Johannesburg and Cape Town is Nairobi, that says the African Renaissance is real and the vision of Africa as the Bright Continent can be achieved. We are thrilled to have Allen on board as he represents our first on-the-ground presence in another African country”.

Allen Kambuni notes that East Africa’s ‘much-vaunted’ ICT sector provides enormous opportunities for foreign investors who approach the market in partnership with local talent.

“East Africa is a multilayered region, not a single homogenous country and there are complexities involved in successfully navigating the market for mobile advertising products and services. That being said, the business conditions are promising indeed and continental mobile marketing leaders would be missing an enormous opportunity by not being here,” says Kambuni.

On his approach to growing the Mobiclicks presence in East Africa, Kambuni says he hopes clients are especially interested in finding ways to seamlessly reach consumers using a mix of traditional and mobile advertising platforms. “Clients are interested in using mobile to seal the deal, so to speak, while still laying much of the brand-building groundwork with traditional media and this collaborative approach suits us just fine,” he added.

Rosen concludes, “We represent globally-proven advertising technology that not only delivers, but that comes with a data and attribution layer clients can use to make much better digital marketing decisions”.

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Sportsmoments – AI meets sport

Sportsmoments - AI meets sport

Rugby World Cup anyone? With our patented AI we can instantly detect a moment in the game, chosen by you, that triggers your corresponding social media campaign. If you haven’t seen how this works or need more information have a look at the video below and get in touch with us today so we can help further your reach, engagements and audience, to help you make the best out of your social media strategy.

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East Africa head wins innovation award

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