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Shaun Rosen and Laurence Seberini from Luckymobile (Pty) Ltd decided to incubate a new business called Mobiclicks. Back then the opportunity was to sell mobile display adverts on a CPM and click basis. Shaun kicked this off on a deal with Omar Hamoui the founder of Admob. Little did we know that we were buying traffic from the future of Google mobile advertising which would be sold to Google for $750M in 2010.


With a few million clicks under its belt Mobiclicks was incorporated and its focus was to service the mobile advertising sector.


Mobiclicks secured the exclusive rights to represent Blis, a world leader in location solutions. 

It was from this point onwards that Mobiclicks focus was on brands and working with agencies and worked on a multi-screen and not a mobile only approach. 


Mobiclicks secured the exclusive rights to represent Silverpush, a world leader in  context detection marketing. 



Mobiclicks relocated to their new offices in Parktown Quarter.


Mobiclicks values innovation, professionalism and friendliness.

We seek to represent the most successful platforms in Africa. Platforms that are truly innovative and add value to the digital advertising transaction.

We are hyper focused on delivering value, insights and results and we steer away from just selling impressions and clicks.

We value our people and have built a culture of hiring likeable competent people with good attitudes that are passionate about what we do.

Our office culture is about valuing the individual and helping each person realise their potential.


Shaun Rosen

Shaun is our rain maker and chief platform finder. With a background in IT and Commerce Shaun has built Mobiclicks from a 2 person organisation into a multi country operation. Shaun loves pranks and is totally addicted to the Cortado's at our Motherland shop beneath our offices.

Laurence Seberini

Laurence was a commerical lawyer who ended up in the tech sector. Laurence is involved in the day to day operations of Mobiclicks and believes his role is to create the conditions in the company for it to work well and flourish. Laurence is a drone pilot and his favourite all time TV series is Lost
After 8 years of corporate marketing life at FNB & MTN, Chris ventured into the online casino space where he headed up Acquisition Marketing in North America & Asia for a casino group. After a 4 year stint in the casino world, Chris ventured into Newspapers & Digital with IOL, where he was head of Advertrising & Marketing and spear headed the launch of IOL Mobile. Chris then spent 6 years in the entrepreneur space building advertising divisions and helped launch one of the first RTB/Programmatic companies in South Africa. Chris is an Advertising enthusiast that is made up of many parts… 1 part double espresso, 2 parts technology 3 parts strategy and 4 parts family man.

Michealla Kruger

With a smile and laugh to light up and brighten any room, Mics is the go-to girl, the problem-solver, a team player and always up for a challenge. Passionate about brands, their strategy, and working hard to bring that to life, on top of managing the Ad Operations team in executing campaigns Globally. Coffee addict and adventure seeker – there is no better way to enjoy down time than at a new spot with a good view and a glass of wine with her family.

Allen Kambuni

Allen Kambuni is a disruptive digital native with a penchant for connecting brands to consumers. With over 11 years in the digital space Allen’s experience has put him in touch with 100s of brands across multiple verticals. He is also an experienced entrepreneur having founded one of Kenya’s leading marketing agencies. Allen is an avid gamer with a collection of 13 gaming consoles an avid car enthusiast all round family guy and a recent recruit into the world famous ‘Beard Gang Culture’.

Wimpie du Plessis

Wimpie has a Hons B.Com degree in Management and Cost Accounting and completed his articles in 2003. He then made it his aim to try to understand women better by completing his BA Psychology Degree. We have to put emphasis on the word “try”, because, as he soon found out, women will always have another trick up their sleeves.

Natalie Chetty

Natalie is actually Katniss from the Hunger Games in disguise. She obviously isn't being chased down as the last man (woman) standing but she is determined and hits the target in the bullseye everytime. She is the calm to our storm, the easer of panic, the voice of reason and the sunshine in our office all day everyday. Basically she could start an uprising of having more hot chocolate in the office and we would just all follow. She is more like the jack of all tades than just head of strat, and she does it all with the best smile. For real, you could just stare at her smile all day. While that amazing-ness sets in, on top of all her resourcefulness and practising how to make her templates more jazzy, she takes care of her amazing family and multitasks like an octopus with 12 arms. She is like a unicorn, just in human form.

Nicolas Carreira

As a client advertising manager, Nic aims to showcase the best work we can offer so that his clients can get the best results. He works hard, gives as much information as he can and jumps in as often and fast as he can in any situation.

Kamohelo Maboya

Kamohelo, almost everyone calls him Khamz, is a father of two beautiful dogs, a super hero from 20:00 - 20:08 every Thursday and Friday and a musician when he's in the mood. Growing up with siblings who were athletes and highly competitive, influenced him to also become an athlete from the age of 6 and that lead to his persistence and determination in anything he does, he believes that hard work/obsession beats talent. With a background of PR, he understands communicating with the different personalities people bring forth and is excited about the digital advertising space.

Marc Oppel

Marc, a French masculine name born from the Roman God of War Mars, signifies a promising brave young warrior that's enthusiastic, playful, positive, disciplined, eager, efficient & steers away from complaining or making excuses with higher than usual energy levels, a tad bit of OCD & a dash of ADHD, Marc has been grinding for 20+ years now within the food & beverage, print & digital advertising as well as exhibition sales & project management industries! Born in the year of the monkey, Marc is passionate about boxing, motorbikes and cooking. He is really just a down to earth kind of guy, with a compassionate nature.

Samantha Freese

Samantha Freese known as Sam Sugar , studied film television in Cpt. Making her way to stage in KZN for theatre productions, to an accociates degree. She has been in the advertising before digital became as big as it it today - learning the ropes and putting knowledge of old school media ethics combined. This mom one is always excited to bring a brand to life through our innovative ways that make brands “pop” and stand out amongst the norm. Happy to be apart of the Mobiclicks family - where nothing is impossible and if it seems impossible - it’s because we haven’t created it yet

Lisa Greenblatt

Lisa is an integral part of the Mobiclicks team, boasting an impressive 17-year tenure with our sister company. Having held positions in customer service and product management, Lisa's expertise spans a wide spectrum, allowing her to seamlessly transition between various roles. She provides invaluable support to the design team and leads the ad operations team in their day-to-day functions. Known for her compassionate nature, Lisa is the go-to person for everyone. Her exceptional listening skills and nurturing demeanour make her a natural leader and confidante. This caring approach extends beyond the office into her active involvement in community outreach. A devoted furmama, Lisa showers boundless affection on her cherished little companions. For Lisa, family is everything, she is a dedicated aunty, sister, wife and friend. Additionally, she harbours a delightful fascination with cows - those endearing, big-eyed mammals. Her enthusiasm for these gentle creatures knows no bounds.

Rebecca Da Silva

Rebecca is hardworking and lives by the motto that it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference which motivates her to give her best to any task at hand. Rebecca completed her undergrad in Marketing as well as her Honours in Supply Chain Management, two fields she is extremely passionate about (believe it or not). Rebecca loves to be of help, so if you need her then she’s there for you. Rebecca is a firm believer in romanticising your life to make sure you’re living your dreams in one way or another.

Marisca Fourie

Marisca is a hardworking energetic, and driven individual with a spontaneous and friendly personality. She completed her BCom Marketing Degree, a Digital Marketing Certificate, and her Honours in Business Management. Can you say WOW! She is extremely passionate about this industry. Her hobbies include being in nature, fishing, hunting and having a braai with family and friends.
van Tonder
With a passion for marketing and a flair for design, Monique is a dynamic individual dedicated to providing the best client service possible. She has always been driven to excel in the world of marketing. Beyond the world of marketing, Monique, finds joy in creative pursuits such as designing and indulges in the knowledge and inspiration that comes from reading. However, she holds family time closest to her heart and cherishes moments spent with loved ones.

van Rensburg

Kiara is a dynamic and results-driven Campaign Manager. Outside the realm of campaign management, Kiara channels her boundless energy and creativity into her love for staying active. Whether it's going for a run or pushing limits at the gym, she believes in the synergy of a healthy body and a sharp mind. Her holistic approach to life and work ensures that every campaign she touches is imbued with passion, precision, and a touch of her signature creativity.

Chéleigh Möhr

Chéleigh exudes boundless energy and a zest for life. Her magnetic personality effortlessly draws people in, and she has a special talent for coaxing even the most reserved individuals out of their shells. Armed with a BA in psychology, this social dynamo possesses the tools to forge deep and lasting connections with her peers. During her leisure moments, you'll find Chéleigh immersed in nature, tending to her garden or basking in the warmth of the sun alongside cherished family and friends. As night falls, she transforms into a graceful dancer, displaying her fervor for Ballroom and Latin Dancing. It's safe to say that Chéleigh will be the one guiding us on the dance floor in the future!

Tanna Frankish

Tanna is dedicated to emphasizing the value of intellectual growth. Armed with an undergraduate degree in Marketing, she approaches every opportunity as a chance to expand her knowledge. No task is too small, and Tanna consistently strives to perform at her very best. A staunch advocate for the profound impact of kindness, Tanna believes that generosity knows no bounds. Her genuine warmth has a way of making everyone feel truly valued and uplifted. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tanna is an accomplished equestrian with a rich history as a national show jumping competitor. Her passion for the sport permeates every facet of her life, capturing her full attention and dedication

Jayna Krost

With her unique and bubbly personality, Jayna can light up any room. After completing a double major in Media Communications and English, Jayna continued to study and achieve her honours in Brand Contact Management. This path opened up Jayna’s crazy passion for the fast paced world of Branding. Jayna also has a big addiction to cappuccinos – good luck finding Jayna without a cappuccino in her hand.

Robyn Philpot

Everyone needs a Robyn - even Batman! She has multiple titles... putting one down would not be sufficient to describe this wonder of a human. She is the 'Keeper of Secrets'... seriously she was our office manager and as an office manager you usually know, hear and are aware of everything... How do you keep track of it all! She is the 'Mother of Animals' (mainly dogs, but she likes the rest too.) Robyn is one of our amazing campaign managers. She has been with us for 6 years and is now part of the furniture

Swasthi Hemraj

Swasthi has a loud and Bubbly personality, she loves keeping her mind working with Sudoku puzzles and spending time outdoors. Swasthi has a certificate in Business Management and wants to complete her qualification in Marketing. She also has an Advanced Diploma Certificate in TEFL . She is always willing to help and assist with any given task and does it with a smile on her face. Swasthi loves designing and has a fine eye for detail, this has opened up a huge passion for designing and creating Invitations. Swasthi starts her day with coffee, so make sure to catch her after her cuppa otherwise you’ll get the wrong side of her!


Basheerah started off as a Journalist graduate. Going into TV production and then finding her way to us, to tackle the world of advertising. Bash or Bash Bash (as we like to call her), is our creative team's rock. Or rock star to be honest. We would be lost without her. Bash is a mom of the most gorgeous little boy and girl, and in her spare time likes to party it up with some tequila or just a good old fashion soda.

Mixi Perdigao

Mixi, who did Graphic design & Product management at our sister company, flashed us her skills and crawled her way like nimble fox into our hearts and we snatched her up and kept her as our own. Now she manage's the Arty group. Helping the team to make those awesome designs for all our cool clients. But design isn't Mixi's only passion. On the weekends she loves spending the day at the park with her fourlegged floofs, helping people and their floofs learn cool tricks together. Oh, and this site you are looking at? She built this!

Dean Perdigao

Dean, is the newest member to the design team, but don't let that fool you. He flies through designs like Luke flew through the Death Star. Yes, Dean is an avid Star Wars fan! And not only that, he has many other cool talents. You think he is creative on the computer? Well, you should check out the Gunpla models he builds. Hands of an artist he has!

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