Magnifi - Mobiclicks, Magnifi, SilverPush sync traditional TV & modern mobile

Consumers today have multiple screens on the go. The smaller mobile screen takes precedence over traditional mediums like TV which is regarded as background noise. Now, Mobiclicks can mirror TV ads onto mobile devices.

Mobiclicks partner Magnifi has developed the ideal solution to consumers distracted by multiple screens: TV is synced with mobile in one of the most powerful marketing tools yet developed. Essentially, TV ads are mirrored onto mobile ensuring that distracted consumer attention is captured and focused. Winning back the attention of TV viewers means being able to tell brand stories across multiple devices, in real time. A further benefit of this technology is the ability to bring social media into the mix. Mobiclicks, Magnifi, and SilverPush standby ready to re-focus the consumer in pursuit of real campaign objectives.

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