Shaun Rosen

Shaun is our rain maker and chief platform finder. With a background in IT and Commerce Shaun has built Mobiclicks from a 2 person organisation into a multi country operation. Shaun loves pranks and is totally addicted to the Cortado's at our Motherland shop beneath our offices.

Laurence Seberini

Laurence was a commerical lawyer who ended up in the tech sector. Laurence is involved in the day to day operations of Mobiclicks and believes his role is to create the conditions in the company for it to work well and flourish. Laurence is a drone pilot and his favourite all time TV series is Lost
After 8 years of corporate marketing life at FNB & MTN, Chris ventured into the online casino space where he headed up Acquisition Marketing in North America & Asia for a casino group. After a 4 year stint in the casino world, Chris ventured into Newspapers & Digital with IOL, where he was head of Advertrising & Marketing and spear headed the launch of IOL Mobile. Chris then spent 6 years in the entrepeneur space building advertising diviosions and helped launch one of the first RTB/Programmatic companies in South Africa. Chris ia an Advertising enthusiast that is made up of many parts… 1 part double espresso, 2 parts technology 3 parts strategy and 4 parts family man.

Michealla Kruger

Mics is our head of Ad Ops problem-solver, a team player and always up for a challenge. Passionate about brands, their strategy, and working hard to bring that to life, she thrives on success. Never stretched too far and always on top of her game, Mics knows her stuff. She loves her husband, her adorable son, a good cup of coffee and her fur babies.

Allen Momanyi

Wimpie du Plessis

Natalie Chetty

Natalie is a determined, vibrant and extremely hard working person who brings so much more to the team than meets the eye. She is the calm to our storm, the easer of panic, the voice of reason and the sunshine in our office all day every day. On top of all her resourcefulness and her winning smile, she takes care of her amazing family and spends as much time as possible raising her two incredible children who are already amazing individuals who amaze our team with their words and actions through the stories she tells us.

Nicolas Carreira

As a client advertising manager, Nic aims to showcase the best work we can offer so that his clients can get the best results. He works hard, gives as much information as he can and jumps in as often and fast as he can in any situation.
Munya is a hard-working, driven guy who leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. He has an air of confidence about him and can make you feel important, respected and comfortable when you are around him. He holds his work to the highest of standards and works hard to get the best out for his clients. He also has exciting things happening in his personal life with an adoring fiance, wedding bells in the future and a little girl on the way.

Dineo Ngobeni

Dineo is passionate about working with different clients and running their campaigns. As a Campaign Manager, you give her what she needs and she takes care of the rest. Dineo always looks her best, works her best, and is ready to take on whatever the day may hold. Her passion also flows over to her family and loved ones. She loves her little boy, he is her whole world, so when she isn't tackling campaigns and getting good results she is spending her time with those that matter most.
Cayleigh Inkley
Cayleigh is determined and dedicated, ready for whatever is thrown her way. Skilled in what she does, she is the first to help out when anyone runs into a problem or query they can't figure out. She likes video games, has an impeccable sound system in her car and her OCD makes sure our office is all straight and lined up neatly. She adores her soon to be husband and her two bulldog fur babies, she will do anything for her loved ones.
Lidia has done a double major in Marketing and Business Management at Monash, so she knows her stuff and our clients' work is not only safe but bound to perform fantastically in her hands. She is ambitious, hard-working and willing to help out in the team at any given moment. She has warm fuzzies in her heart about her doggy and loves to travel.

Tayla Livesey

Jessica Acar

Jess is the arty one of the team, she can be a bit of an oddball sometimes but she does try to go above and beyond to design pretty things for clients. She is up for a challenge and will try and find a solution to any problem presented to her. She loves food, illustration and loves learning, new things and enhancing her skills. She is also clumsy and falls over flat surfaces and has mad love for her friends and family.

Robyn Philpot

Everyone needs a Robyn - even Batman! She has multiple titles... putting one down would not be sufficient to describe this wonder of a human. She is the 'Keeper of Secrets'... seriously as an office manager you usually know and hear and are aware of everything... how do you keep track of it all! She is the 'First Of Her Name'... in her family, it is a good name, and also can be nicknamed into multiple things. She is the 'Protector of the Realm' as she keeps everything in the office running smoothly, I think we would all wonder around aimlessly with out her, also she plans fun things #Winning! She is the 'Mother of Animals' (mainly dogs, but she likes the rest too.) but that is a huge passion for her. As our amazingly dedicated office manager with her spectacular work ethic and upbeat attitude she is one of the rocks to our foundation.

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