Superboost your Youtube campaign with Mirrors

AI + Human Intelligence powered solutions are redefining
the limits of contextual brand suitability in video.

Imagine if your campaign could target against moments

Introducing Mirrors

Tap into desired in-video contextual moments.

In-Video Contextual Triggers and Precision Targeting

Mirrors is trained to draw insights from millions of pieces of visual content. Mirrors uses computer vision to identify in-video contexts for highly relevant ad placement targeting.

How does it work?

Detect Visual Triggers and Discover Content

Mirrors uses AI and computervision to scan YouTube videos to detect context triggers such as a brand’s Logo, Faces and Objects in-video.
Example: Pizza Hut (Logo), slice of pizza (Object)& actor Mike Myers (Faces).

Deliver Ads in Contextual Moments

Once videos with in-video contextual triggers are detected, Mirrors places pre-roll, mid-roll, overlays, companion banners, and CTA in line with relevant moments.

Resume Content

Once the Pizza Hut pre-roll/mid-roll ad has completed, the original video resumes. Companion ad remains.

Super boost your Youtube campaign with Mirrors

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