Turn the world’s largest open commerce dataset into high performing addressable advertising on the open internet

Build, scale, and activate first-party audiences with The Commerce Media Platform

Turn goals into results

Want more customers? More sales? Increased lifetime value?

Criteo has solutions for a variety of business goals

How it works

United supply and demand

Benefit from more data and transparency and lower costs with a unified platform for both marketers and media owners.

- Reduce data loss, fees, and tech taxes
- Increase addressability
- Drive more ROI and revenu

First-Party Media Network

Amplify addressability by connecting your first-party data with our network of high-quality first-party data.

- Link identity across participants to scale audiences
- Access commerce data to improve personalization
- Keep your customers’ data safe and privacy compliant

Unique intent-based audiences

Target or curate highly effective audiences from a massive global commerce dataset and your own first-party data.

- Focus on consumers who are actively in-market
- Drive first-time and repeat purchases
- Attract advertisers with new audiences

All-in-one solution

Plan, buy, personalize, measure, and monetize—all in one platform.

- Choose from a variety of audiences, ad formats, and media buying options
- Measure and optimize campaigns across the funnel
- Maintain full data and inventory control

Commerce media is a future-proof way to take advantage of the commerce that’s happening on the open internet. It gives everyone the data, AI, and tools they need to:

- Build first-party addressable audiences at scale
- Better understand behavior and personalize experiences
- Measure and optimize outcomes at every stage of the purchase journey

Brands we have worked with

Reach and monetize audiences that are shopping online more than ever. Unlock a massive set of first-party commerce data and AI to enhance consumer experiences, and earn more revenue with the Commerce Media Platform.

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