Going live in AFRICA…with Location

  Mobiclicks, powered by BLIS, the world leaders in Location Behaviour Advertising have launched location advertising in 6 countries throughout Africa. It’s no secret that our physical and digital worlds have been converging for years now, Read More

Creating a strong brand-consumer relationship

Geofencing and driving footfall is nothing new to the industry of advertising… For the better part of 15 months Mobiclicks has been doing geofencing with the ability to measure accurate footfall into establishments in Real Time. Turning Consumers Read More

3 Tips to Accurate Location-Based Advertising

Accuracy is paramount As Paul Thompson, CCO at Blis, explains, “Accuracy is paramount when dealing with location-based marketing, due to the fact that if your location starting point is incorrect, then everything that follows will be Read More

Location data “Inaccuracy”

The mobile advertising world have recently been talking about the issue of location data “inaccuracy” – the term used to describe inaccurate, fraudulent and incomplete location data which is often supplied by publishers to increase the Read More