“Africa calling” – Blis VP, EMEA Paul Thompson voices his optimism for mobile advertising in Africa

By nature I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, which I imagine is much to the constant annoyance of those that work with me at Blis.

Therefore over the last few years I have tried very hard to contain my excitement and to let EMEA announcements come and go without making much of a fuss or banging a loud drum.

Such has been exponential pace of change and rapid scaling of the EMEA business that my team takes it as a given we are doing exciting things all of the time. This is true.

Office openings, hiring talent, promoting from within and signing new partnerships are all considered business as usual.

However I feel (compulsively) compelled to share my genuine excitement about the recent announcement that Blis will be partnering with Mobiclicks to bring location advertising to Africa.

The announcement marks the culmination of a long held personal ambition to do business in Africa as well as continue to expand Blis into more countries to service our global agency customers.

The move into Africa is in part a requirement of a business that is globalising and the need to put resources on the ground to take care of our customers, many who are also investing into Africa.

It is also because I truly believe Africa to have as much potential for Blis as all of our other regions where we are doing business. The region will change faster than nearly any other market I do business in today.

Africa is home to1.2billion people and is the youngest continent on the planet. It’s mobile first with a special dynamism and drive to innovate.

Africa is a hotbed of entrepreneurialism with a generation driving start-up booms in Johannesburg, Nairobi and Lagos. The potential in the region will only grow as the digital advertising revolution brings more innovators and revenue into this space.

Mobliclicks is the perfect partner at the perfect time. I am looking forward to working with this talented company, learning from them along the way. I want Blis to be the company that allows these entrepreneurs to thrive and to establish a global standard for location advertising.

To be part of this vibrant region was an opportunity Blis couldn’t miss.

The potential in Africa will only grow as the digital revolution brings advances to media and marketing. The African advertising technology landscape is vibrant.

That’s why finding the right partner was paramount to getting the Blis board to approval the partnership. Mobiclicks are that partner and have long track record of working with members of the Blis executive team.