Mobiclicks is the leader in mobile advertising technology.

Vision: To be the go-to-guys for mobile advertising.

Purpose: Deliver results that clients understand, trust and get excited about.

Mobiclicks is the leader in mobile advertising technology, with product suites consisting of platforms that empower our clients to understand their customer and reach them effectively, providing businesses with accurate data and in-depth behavioral insights to serve digital content to audiences that are on the go.

Mobiclicks is all about innovation, technology and most importantly a facilitator in bringing about a change in the way digital advertising has been taking place.
“Real Time Data” is core to how we function at Mobiclicks, our products and offerings personify this very concept. We understand the importance of every interaction in order to create a great brand experience for our customer.

Our offering is cost-effective, measurable in real-time, and delivers targeted results.

Tasty Benefits

·         Casual Dress

·         Early finish Friday

·         Free breakfast

·         Fresh fruit

·         Quarterly team build events

·         Free monthly massage




Mobiclicks is the founder of Mobile Marketing in South Africa, I have had the pleasure of working with them over the past 5 years focusing on performance marketing and watching MobiClicks develop a global presence. As a result MobiClicks are a media agency to be taken seriously on the global stage.

Brett St. Clair, Head of Mobile in South Africa, Google

Mobiclicks and Vodacom Mobile Advertising have enjoyed an extremely close and fruitful working relations for the better part of 5 years. Mobiclicks are undoubtedly one of the savviest and most professional mobile agencies out there who continually push the boundaries.

Michael Solomon, Business Manager, Vodacom Mobile Advertising

DMG and Mobiclicks have had a successful partnership for the past 4 years. By launching our campaigns across multiple platforms and the optimisation of the media buying across the platforms, we can guarantee our clients maximal ROI. Together with their dedicated team we have managed to grow our activity and bring more value to our clients.

Shalom Berkovitz, CEO, DMG